Lucifer season 1

1x06: Favorite Son

Imagen para el episodio 1x6: Favorite Son

While Amenaziel tries to give Linda something really valuable, Mae makes an attempt to crush the relationship between Lucifer and Chloe and to strengthen Chloe's bond with Dan. Finally, Lucifer needs some help and Chloe is the right one to help him.

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1x10: Pops

Imagen para el episodio 1x10: Pops

Family as an structure is a key element in this episode and Chloe's mother comes back, chanching her daughter's life. Meanwhile, an important restorer is found dead and Lucifer and Chloe will handle the case.

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1x12: #TeamLucifer

Imagen para el episodio 1x12: #TeamLucifer

The body of a dead woman is found cut into pieces and sorted like a geometric form: a pentagon, the symbol of the devil. Lucifer and Chloe will have to lead the investigation and they might realize evil isn't always where you think it should be.

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